Three main types of foot orthoses can be supplied by this practice. These are Functional, Preformed and Accommodative.

Pronated Position

Pronated Position

Corrected Position

Corrected Position

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Full Functional Foot Orthoses

These are designed to mechanically alter the way the foot functions, so preventing abnormal motion which may be the underlying cause of foot, lower limb and back problems.

There are various theories as to why feet should perform incorrectly. The most likely explanation is that the problems occur from birth. Knock knees and bow legs are clearly visible, more subtle but similar misalignments also occur within the feet. The stress of standing and walking exacerbates these misalignments resulting in abnormal compensation. Flat feet, bunions, high arches, retracted toes etc. are a result of this compensation.

Functional Foot Orthoses help to control the abnormal compensation so making the feet function closer to the individual's theoretical normal position.

Treatment consists of an examination lasting up to two hours. The patient will bring a pair of shorts or other garment that allows examination of the knees. A selection of shoes most frequently worn (one from each pair) should be brought so that the suitability of the footwear and heel height can be assessed and a decision made as to the most suitable type of orthoses.

A series of geometric measurements are then made on the foot and leg whilst lying and standing. The patient's gait is also assessed utilizing a treadmill and slow motion video. From this information a diagnosis is made. Images of the feet are then laser scanned in their theoretically correct position.

From these scans the orthoses are manufactured using the prescription obtained at the patient's examination. Included in the treatment fee are the two check-up appointments, one at a month and another at four months to make sure that treatment is progressing as it should.

Preformed Orthoses

Off the shelf devices that are low cost and provide an immediate solution where time does not permit fuller examination and manufacturing. The theoretical concepts are identical to those above.

Accommodative Orthoses

These accept the presenting position of the foot. They work by redistributing weight bearing away from painful lesions such as corns occurring on the ball of the foot. Unfortunately the more bulky the orthoses the more successful it is, so serious consideration should be given to the amount of space available in the patient's footwear. Trainers and shoes with removable insoles are ideal.


Initial Biomechanical Assessment Fee - £36.00

Allows examination of the fundamental problems and discussion of the treatment options. Appointment time up to 30 minutes (payment required at time of assessment).

Full Biomechanical Assessment Fee - £274.00

Prescription Orthoses range from - £75.00

Appointment time up to 2 hours (half fee required at assessment, remainder upon receipt of the orthoses).

Preformed Orthoses - £35 to £65.00

Appointment time up to 30 minutes (payment required upon receipt of orthoses).

Accommodative Orthoses

Prices vary according to requirements

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White Light Laser Scanner

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